A NEW SHOW FOR 2024  Inspired by UFO sightings over the Bentilee housing estate in 1967!  Can you help...? 

Where were you on 2 September 1967? 
Did you see  
A UFO in the night sky! 
‘It seemed like a saucer…’ 
‘The object started to glow bright red…’ 
‘We thought the field was on fire…’ 
‘We couldn’t hear a bird – everything was dead…’ 
‘I thought I was seeing things…’ 
Did you see it? Do you remember it? Do you have your own UFO story? 
What's it like living on Bentilee today? 
Click below to tell us ... 


A Six Towns Celebration for New Year’s Eve 2024 (Caution, may contain Nannas) 
On New Year’s Eve 2024 Claybody Theatre will present an online celebration of Stoke-on-Trent, with a special focus on the city’s Grandmothers.. 
If you have a great story about a Grandmother doing amazing things, we’d like to hear from you! 

THE DIPPING HOUSE A new arts and community venue for Claybody and Stoke-on-Trent 

We're delighted to announce our residency at Spode in a former dipping house.  
We presented our 2023 production SONG OF THE SYTCH in this wonderful industrial space, and we're now working hard to bring more events, performances and community activities to this brand new venue we have called THE DIPPING HOUSE.  
At the start of the year we presented a 12th NIGHT WASSAIL event with Cor Bach, and in February we were delighted to be joined by our Patron for AN AUDIENCE WITH TOBY JONES - in conversation with Deborah McAndrew, sponsored by KMF. 
'This amazing space… which really is one of the most beautiful theatrical spaces I’ve seen in years.  
It’s so wonderful… how it’s haunted by its past – it’s great!' 
More exciting news and announcements over the coming weeks and months.... 
This is how you do site specific theatre,  
this is how you make historic spaces work and this is how you entertain audiences 


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