The Voices Within 
The Mysterious Mineshaft 
A Christmas Tail 
The Enchanted Sweetshop 
Coming Soon 
The Voices Within 
The Mysterious Mineshaft 
A Christmas Tail 
The Enchanted Sweetshop 
Coming Soon  
We have secured funding from THE PAUL HAMLYN FOUNDATION to run consecutive projects in four local schools. 
During a 12 week residency, we are exploring sound as a medium for story telling with Year 5 children. We are also working with the wider school, offering ‘Sounds for Stories’ workshops. 
The project brings professional artists and technicians into school, including writer, director, sound designer, musician, and actors. These experts will work with children and teachers in the writing, recording and editing of original audio dramas. 
The project also offers Creative Professional Development for teachers. 

Sutherland Primary Academy 

The first school we have been working with is Sutherland Primary Academy. We were in school for two days every week from February to the end of May 2022, followed by a period of editing away from school. The finished audio dramas were shared with the children, parents, staff and governors on the last week of the summer term. 
The staff were fantastic collaborators, and the children were amazing. Here’s what they had to say about the project: 
It was fun to make! Thank you 
I Loved the SFX and the soundscapes- such fantastic quality - Fabulous! 
I liked taking part in it because I thought I would not like it. 
The Audio drama was great! 
This audio drama project has been brilliant. All children were engaged
Amazing way to introduce children to radio! Really enjoyed it! Fantastic! 
The Claybody Team were so brilliant to work with. We learned a lot as teachers. 
This has been a very engaging, inclusive project. Pupils benefited by developing drama and imaginative skills. They also had their social and emotional factors developed. Sensational! (Mrs Seabridge) 
A wonderful opportunity for the children to see the magic behind radio drama- Thank you! 
A Brilliant experience to listen to, and great to see the kids listening, knowing they enjoyed it. Such a great thing for them to do. Thank you. 
Fantastic initiative bringing audio arts into schools. Arts as a whole are often undervalued. Well done on this project from one artist to another. 
Excellent performance. It was well put together. Sounds and background were amazing too. Well done. 
Having been to the composing sessions, I wanted to say how enjoyable they were and how fantastic it was to see them engaging and creating fabulous music. 
Amazing! The children sounded so confident! 

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