Audio drama is a fabulous tool for storytelling. It is an inclusive and accessible art form that enables both listeners, and those creating audio drama, to go anywhere their imaginations will take them. Sound is also a wonderful stimulus for stories and creative writing. 
Over the past two years, thanks to Paul Hamlyn Foundation funding, Claybody Theatre have worked with Primary schools from across Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire to develop a programme of work aimed at introducing both children and teachers to the wonderful opportunities presented by telling stories through sound. We have worked with those schools to create their own audio dramas, and to create a suite of educational resources. 
These resources have been designed to be flexible. The first session stands alone as an introduction to Soundscapes, and using sounds a stimulus for creative writing. Following the full programme will enable teachers to guide their class through the process of developing, recording and editing an audio drama. Before embarking on the full audio drama please take a look at the CASTING WORKSHEET. This worksheet provides some advice on different ways to approach the writing of the audio drama which will also impact on how the drama is recorded, and how lines are distributed. There is also an optional Music session for those wanting to explore creating music for audio drama. 
Each session plan outlines the resources needed, and a structure for the session. The resources can be found on each of the individual session pages. These further resources include audio files, reference videos, and worksheets. 
We have also created some additional resources to support your audio drama work, including a Glossary and a second audio drama and quiz that can be used at the end of the project to see how children's understanding of audio drama has developed.  

We hope you enjoy exploring creativity through sounds for stories! 

If you are interested in booking a Sounds for Stories workshop for your school please contact 
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